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Deepest Update for Google Photos

Google, the largest software company, is fascinated by the technology it has developed. The company, which created bokeh effect completely in a very realistic way with software, brought this feature to the photo application later. The iOS version of the application has also been updated.

Google updated Google Photos on Android in early October to allow you to edit the depth effect. This allows you to adjust the amount of blur in the pictures you have taken. After a month, the same feature has now come to the iOS version of the application.

Google seems to be doing its own thing to apply and change the depth effect, because the results are noticeably different from Apple’s photography application, sometimes even better. Of course, Google’s or Apple’s applications are not the only application to change the bokeh effect. There are other options, but these two are the best.

Color Pop feature is also quite successful with the new update. When you press the object you want to store color, the feature that makes everything else black and white is automatically applied to the Google Photos Assistant tab when it first comes out, but it becomes manual.

Both features must have come to the device if you are using the latest version of the application. Simply open the portrait mode in the application and touch the Edit button and press again in the same place to adjust the depth effect. You can also find the Color Pop feature in the same place.

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