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Feature was Removed on Pixel 3

For several years, Google has been allowing users to unlock their devices with their voices when communicating with Google Assistant. This feature was removed on Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. However, it seems that Google doesn’t find this application secure anymore. According to claims, Google plans to remove or modify this app from all Android devices.

“Unlock with voice pairing” was an application that allowed users to use their voices as an encryption method and to unlock the device. The main purpose of this is to verify your voice when you give a command to Google Assistant, so that the device does not lose time with encryption, and quickly perform operations. However, this feature was considered ‘low security’ even by Google.

Even before this encryption was installed, it was reported that the device could be unlocked with a similar sound or with a sound recorder. This would allow the device to be unlocked and full access to your device. For this reason, Google has removed this feature from Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL devices. Instead, the feature offered by a more logical change is now less risky at the security point.

The voice mapping feature, which you can use in the Assistant interface, now allows you to access only mail, contacts, and calendar. If you want to do something else, your security measure, such as a password or fingerprints, will be activated and you’il be protected from potential risks.

We just put up the screen shots of the previous and the new screen. The first one offers full access as you have seen, while the last screenshot shows “When your phone is locked, use Voice Match to access your emails, calendar, contacts, and more. You will need to unlock your phone for certain transactions such as buying and sending messages.” as an explanation.

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