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Future of the Google: Fuchsia

Mobile operating systems have an important place in our lives, and Android, as the world’s most common operating system, is perhaps putting more issues under the influence of what you think. For example, features offered by this operating system now identify the our communication methods. Even a company like Google is not easy to change on its own product, Android. Because if they lose the community’s trust, it’s the end of everything.

Google, which has been conducting an experimental project called Fuchsia for a long time, is planning an experience that will replace the Android operating system over time. In recent days, with a small rumour, press organizations such as CNET and Engadget have been taking serious developments. According to these leaks, Google would stop Fuchsia from being experimental in 5 years and pull Android’s plug by offering Fuchsia to end users.

Google will feel it is necessary to make a statement after the news has spread so much that it does not have a 5-year plan for Fuchsia, but still describes it as “one of the experimental open source projects.” In addition, even if there is information about a conversion schedule, it isn’t shared. In other words, this 5 years could be 3 years or 7 years, and the mentioned operating system will have a name other than Fuchsia. Because Google, the definition of “one of the experimental projects” leaves the door open to it. Still, let’s say Fuchsia is the most advanced Android alternative.

It is also remarkable that Google has had an extra silence about fuchsia in recent months. Maybe the company had already started working on the Fuchsia because they expected recent issues like the $ 5 billion penalty that Android had received, and changed its focus. In the statement made after the sentence was already said to appeal, if the punishment is not withdrawn Android will be free anymore. If we look at it in a general way, Fuchsia may be the key to a new mobile world as Google’s Saviour.

Of course, everything said as long as Google makes some limited explanations from the conversation will be in mind as speculation.

One thing is certain: Fuchsia is preparing to lay the foundation for a holistic ecosystem, from mobile devices to computers, smart accessories to home appliances, smart speakers to in-car software.

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