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Google DeepMind
Google DeepMind

Google Acquired Deepmind

By 2014, Google acquired DeepMind, a London-based artificial intelligence firm, into the center of its operations and began to incorporate artificial intelligence in many new technologies.

DeepMind developed AlphaGo AI artificial intelligence program, the World Go champion to defeat a firm that sits on the agenda of the world. In addition, DeepMind was also involved in data privacy violations, including a medical investigation in 2016. The company also had a sub-unit called DeepMind Health, which served in the field of Health.

Google recently announced that DeepMind’s health sub-unit and its application “Streams”, which provides doctors with the ability to diagnose disease faster, will move DeepMind’s health sub-unit to Google’s newly created health sub-unit. David Feinberg, former Geisinger Health CEO, who Google recently hired will be the head of the new unit.

DeepMind stated that the company’s goal was to “transform stream applications into an assistant to help physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide with artificial intelligence.” The team of “streams” will continue to work at the London Centre under the management of NHS surgeon and researcher Doctor Dominic King. DeepMind Health name will no longer be used. But the other sub-units of DeepMind will not be affected by this change.

Google Health as a new brand how to do business and Google as a sub-company of the Alphabet Inc.as well as other health research groups, such as Verili will show how to position next. It is not known whether the company will work on services such as Google Fit for consumers as well as health care.

This development is no surprise that Apple and Amazon want to have a say in the field of Health, where giant investments are made. There will be a separate curiosity about where the giant companies will go and how this process will introduce us to technologies.

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