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Google Duplex
Google Duplex

Google Duplex

“Google Duplex”, shows the last point where Google’s artificial intelligence comes from, is a serious change in our lives. So when Will Google use this technology and who will be able to use it in the first place?

Google’s “Google Duplex” can make phone calls for you, but we’re not just talking about dialing the number, it can chat with real people with its own voice and intelligence. Even though we know that this kind of publicity and demonstration is performed in a very clean and meticulous way, the performance of the Duplex is still impressive.

According to reports, Google Duplex will be available from next month. The benefits of the new digtial Assistant will undoubtedly benefit from Google Pixel 3 owners. Google will be available this week with the introduction of Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, and will also come with innovations.

Adding a new Call Screen feature to Google Duplex, Google will directly reject unwanted calls, respond to calls that you can’t answer, and will also bring additional options. These include making a reservation for you. With the introduction of new features, Duplex is actually an experimental platform for Google. After being presented to users with Pixel 3, Duplex will develop further with feedback received.

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