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Google Home Hub
Google Home Hub

Google Home Hub

Google today introduced the new Smart Screen “home hub”. With a 7-inch screen, the new device offers a visual interface that you can control your smart home via Google Assistant.

Home Hub can do everything Home Mini speakers can do, answer questions, play music, or show your shopping list. It also has a display so it can present all of this visually. Seeing the answer to your question can be better, especially in long answers like recipes and lists.

Home Hub also lets you search and watch videos with your voice on YouTube. With home View, home hub can show the status of smart home devices in your home at the touch of a button. With Google Assistant, you can control the device of 1,000 manufacturers.

Home Hub also supports the new live Albums function in Google’s photo app. So your albums are automatically updated with the people you want them to be included on home hub’s screen.

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