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Texting with Maps

Google Maps

Google, which thinks it can do more than show businesses their location to people, will allow businesses and customers to communicate through the Maps application. Google Maps, one of the world’s most popular map applications, is about to bring a feature that will delight both businesses and smartphone users. Soon, …

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Call Screen with Assistant

Google Pixel Call Assistant

Google has long shown that it can make new improvements with every new generation of Pixel phones. For example, although there are not many hardware innovations this year, the software camera enhancements and Assistant Search are perhaps the biggest of them. Night Sight, which has been leaked in the past …

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Commenting on Google Search

Commenting on Google Search

Google is working on a new feature in which users can add comments to the search results. Google continues to keep itself up to date and improve the usability of all its services with new features. The latest news of innovation is a very interesting development. Google users will now …

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WearOS Update by Google


Google has announced the new Wear OS update that it uses on its wearable devices. The update will be released for all compatible devices in the coming months and you will see it as “System version: H”. The update brings great improvements in battery saver mode. The list of future …

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Freedom to Internet

Freedom Internet

The new application developed by Google allows users to access domain names through Google’s own servers against technical access barriers that arise out of court decision. Google, the U.S.-based Internet giant, has developed a mobile application that allows users to access websites against non-judicial technical access barriers by testing them …

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Shoes for VR Gamers from Google


We are used to learning about the technologies that companies have decided to develop or started to develop in patent applications, but we must admit that no one expected a virtual reality shoe. Virtual reality is a highly evolved area, but there are many limitations. Google will produce its own …

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No Java No Google

Google Java Warning

Google announced new security measures to secure user accounts. Google today announced four new security measures. With these four innovations, more secure transactions will be made in the account entry, exit and withdrawal of the account. According to Jonathan Skelker from Google, the first of these protections will be activated …

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New Features for Project FI

Project Fi

Google has added easy switching to Project Fi, mobile data from Wi-Fi, and VPN features that are always active. Google’s ’mobile virtual network operator’ project remains uncertain about the long-term plans for Project Fi, and continues to offer new software features in the short term. Google has begun testing the …

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Google’s Door Bell

Google Doorbell

Explaining that it will re-brand The Nest, Google will integrate smart home products with Google services and launch a much more remarkable product. When Google purchased Nest, a smart home product manufacturer, in 2014, for a few billion dollars, it was thought that the company would seriously invest in smart …

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Google Thinks AI is Really Stupid

Google AI

In recent years, Google, one of the companies that allocates the most funds to the artificial intelligence department came an interesting statement. Now the most commonly mentioned smartphone market, and mostly used in cameras with a strange explanation about the artificial intelligence came from Google front. Andrew Moore, the brains …

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