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Google Shares Everything

Google, in a letter to the American senators, argued that the data in Gmail, the electronic mail service, would be shared with other application developers.

Google, which is under the roof of the Alphabet company, allows 1.4 billion people worldwide to access Gmail e-mail, add-on developers.

According to a company letter released to the public on Thursday, Google said they were transparent about how they were using it and that they would continue to share content in Gmail with third parties, “if they get permission”.

The letter suggested that security researchers were not allowed to use this data badly by inspecting third parties.

The company wrote that malicious applications were removed when detected, and that it warned users about them.

However, the letter did not give a figure on how many companies were identified as malicious.

For example, if a company wants to make a ‘receipt’ call between emails, it can display receipts in Gmail.

There will be a session in the Senate

Google is being questioned under an expanding investigation into the privacy and security of data.

The U.S. Senate’s Trade Committee will question Google, Apple, AT&T and Twitter about data security practices in a session scheduled for September 26th.

In June 2017, Google announced that it would stop scanning Gmail’s data to avoid creating personalized ads, and that it would make changes to privacy and security issues.

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