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Hey Google am I sexy

We went into space, we went beyond the speed of sound, we made flying castles… So how much has mankind changed his curiosity with this developing technology and civilization?

Nowadays we consult search engines instead of referring to newspapers, magazines or books to address our curiosity about any issue. However, search engines are also limited in capabilities and continue to leave questions unanswered on many issues. What if the search engines answered every question?

In a study on the subject, participants asked ‘what question Would you like Google to answer? an open-ended question was posed. The participants ‘ responses were divided into four different categories. When we look at the answers in general, we can clearly see how we are far from developing ourselves in developing the world.

About conspiracy theories, “who shot John F Kennedy?”Did Donald Trump cheat the election?”questions have been the most common questions.

The questions like “Will I be rich?”, “What are the winning numbers of the lottery tomorrow?” about the worldly desires of success clearly show in which direction our curiosity is.

The questions like “Do I like people?” and “am I good in bed?” that are most often asked about concerns and questions about faith like “What does life mean?” and “is there a God?”  were at the top of the list. Have you noticed what the questions have in common? None of them are new.

The world is changing day by day. The speed of technology development makes it difficult to predict even the products that will be introduced a year later. However, the son of man has started to make an effort to build colonies on a different planet. Although all this makes it seem like we are an advanced civilization, we continue to carry the same human value.

Even if we change the world rapidly, people’s pastimes remain the same. In other words, developing technology changes not our curiosity, but our way of satisfying our spiritual and emotional desires. Now he’s asking artificial intelligence, search engines. However, there is no such thing as changing the questions.

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