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Google Has Stopped Developing Its Glucose-Level Sensor Lens

Verily* (formerly known as Google life science) first announced in 2014 that it was working to develop a contact lens that could detect glucose levels from tears. It was learned that the project, which promised hope to diabetics, was stopped in line with the information received. The contact lens measuring the glucose level of Verily, which works in Google’s parent company Alphabet, was one of the company’s important projects.

Diabetes patients who want to measure glucose levels in the current situation, the device to provide a sample of blood constantly needs to puncture the end of the finger. This process, repeated many times, is a fact that causes difficulties. In 2035, many companies are looking for an easier solution to provide a comfortable life for diabetes patients whose numbers are expected to reach 592 million worldwide. This project of Verily was one of the most watched. With the help of a simple lens attached to the eye, your glucose level could be understood from your age and transmitted wirelessly. It is very clear that there is a solution that is quite comfortable compared to the current glucose testing methods.

Some experts suggest that the age of the eye gave very wrong results in glucose measurement compared to blood, indicating that the beginning of the project was wrong. Recently, Google has hired a new CEO for health initiatives. Apparently, the new CEO has already taken the necessary steps to change Verily.

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