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Tim Cook: “Google’s search engine is the best”

Tim Cook recently defended the $ 9 billion deal with Google, saying the company is the best in the world.

After last year Google CEO Sundar Pichai was being seen eating with Tim Cook, the harsh quarrel between the two companies was replaced by a sweeter competition. In September, this competition reached an agreement between Google and Apple.

The Safari browser on Apple devices, the default search engine to be Google, the two companies had reached an agreement between $ 3 and $ 9 billion. A mass that Google does not care about user privacy has been a serious reaction to Tim Cook ever since. Tim Cook responded to criticisms on the subject at a panel he attended.

Cook’s statement is as follows:

“Google’s search engine is the best I think. Based on what we’re doing, we’ve created a browser that’s very secure. We have a great vehicle that keeps us from tracking. What we’re trying is that users continue to experience it safely during the day. Of course, we’re not perfect. I admit that at first.”

Google’s search engine is now being used by default, although Safari browsers still have a privacy-focused DuckDuckGo.

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